In the valley of Tamega river

Located at the top of the mountain, almost 1000 meters above sea level, church of Nossa Senhora de Graça is overlooking the Tamega river valley.

A vast piece of Northern Portugal with Alvão Mountains to the south and the montaneous border with Spain to the north can be seen from there.

Nossa Senhora de Graça church.

On the early afternoon, after visiting the church we drove down to reach Valley of Tamega. The valley is a part of Minho Vinho Verde Denominated Region. Minho with diversity of its soils, Atlantic-influenced humid climate with mild temperatures and various combinations of grape varieties, produces a very wide range of dry, mostly white, naturally sparkling wines. Most of them are very young wines and vinhos verdes are made from grapes with a low sugar content, so aging is not required to finish them.

Vinhos Verdes are light, full of sun and perfect for sharing with friends and family while enjoying light meals in the early afternoon on the hot day.

Down in the Tamega valley grows a Loureiro vine. Close to town of Mondim we visited a small local vinho verde producer: Quinta de Fundo.