Drinking the OLD wines

Every time I open one of these really, really old bottles of Port wines I am a little nervous. Is the wine still OK ?
Over many years of maturing in oak the wine gains full body but loses its aromatic fruit flavors. The balance between dry fruits, spices and tannins is gone. During the aging, the Ports gradually also lose the full, deep red color of their youth and take on the classic amber and coppery hue, which gives them their name. The old wine has more alcohol percent by volume.

A bottle of 1972 Garefferia Particular from Casa das Torres de Oliveira ( Douro region ) was opened a couple of days ago. We celebrated a long awaited visit of our good friends from London. It was fine, elegant and deeply lingering wine. Very much enjoyed.

Nikon D80
Lens: Nikkor AF 60 mm 2.8