Friday night at Ria ( black & white version )

A story behind: Mourning in silence the victims of a recent plane crash in Smolensk. Especially my Polish president Lech Kaczynski death. He was the best president Poland has ever had. Farewell to Anna Walentynowicz who always opposed post-communists that have been ruling Poland since 1989 ( with the exception of 2006-2008 ).

Friday night. I alone with a surrounding silence.

Location: Murtosa village, Portugal

Gear: Nikon D80, Sigma 10-20 mm ( f 4.0-5.6 ), tripod, remote control, NDG 0.6 hard, NDG 0.3 soft Tiffen.

Post-processing: RAW to Tiff, white balance, sharp, dodge,
ClairfEnhance Script for B&W transformation, saved in jpg.

Aperture: f/10

Shutter speed: 3 sec

Focal Length: 10 mm

ISO: 100

Date Taken: April 9th, 2010, 20:11