Getting ready...

Highly recommended for all wine tasting lovers.

For a last couple of months I´ve been getting ready for our August trip to Napa Valley. First I printed many detailed Google maps and marked all the interesting spots. I read all Eric Rossen articles about the Napa, studied the Russian Valley old Zinfandel vines, watched a thousand times "Sideways" and "Bottle shock" movies and read a lot about the Pinot and the Cab.

But the book "A movable Thirst" ( a name clearly derived from the famous Hemingway´s "Movable Feast " ) I bought recently has overcome all my expectations. It´s hilarious, entertaining and full of practical tips of the Napa Valley tasting rooms and vineyards.
I love it.

It seems that our August adventure trip to this heart of American and one of the best wine making regions of the world would be a success.


May, 25th 2010.