An evening on the island

A story behind: I spend this weekend on the Azores Island ( San Miguel to be percise ). It was a kind of an unexpected trip. On Saturday evening I climbed the EN 502 road that leads from Ponta Delgada town to the top of the Lagoa do Fogo volcanic crater. At the top of the mountain the temperature changed rapidly from 20º to just 9º C.
I stopped the car and put my gear and shoot this picture of the dying sun and the panoramic image of the central part of the island.
Enjoy the moment as I did.

Location: Lagoa do Fogo, Azores Islands, Portugal

Gear: Nikon D80, Sigma DC 17-70 mm, NDG hard 0.9, NDG soft 0.6

Aperture: f/22

Shutter speed: 1/10 sec

Focal Length: 50 mm

ISO: 100

Date Taken: June 12th, 2010, 20:22