Day 17: Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming ( part 1 )

Schwabacher's Landing. The Grand Teton National Park.

We woke up before the sunrise, had an early bird breakfast at the hotel in Driggs, Idaho and rushed up East in the direction of Jackson Hole. Soon we climbed the Tenton pass ( 2200 m. ) and entered Wyoming. The sun was still rising over the Sheep Mountains. We quickly drove through the Jackson ( one of the most charming American small towns ), paid a fee and entered the Grand Teton National Park. This was the landscape acclaimed one of the most enchanting in the US. There was hard to find a spot that did not dazzle us with beauty, majesty and serenity.

First we stopped at the Antelope Flat road. We had to drive very slowly because our car got surrounded by a horde of bisons ! Then we stopped at Schwabacher's Landing ( above ). This is one of America’s most spectacular viewpoints
with the slow moving river that offers beautiful crystal-clear reflections in the early morning. One can often see bison and elk grazing in the sparse fields along the base of the mountain range with its highest peak Grand Tenton soaring over 3000 m above the sea level. Even now, in mid-August a small glacier could be clearly seen.

Date: August 22nd, 2010.