Day 20: The white van. The Canyonlands.

The view from the Dead Horse View Point, The Canyonlands National Park, Utah. From the above one can see the white van down the road ( a small white dot on the dirty road in left down corner ).

The Southern Utah is almost nothing but rocks. Big, red rocks. But it isn´t until you cross interstate 50 that you realize it. We slept in Moab. That day we went to Canyonlands National Park. Our aim was to see the famous maze or the place where Green River joins Colorado river. We crossed the park entrance, paid the fee and went straight to see the best view: The Grand View Point Overlook. Although we have been to Arizona and seen the Grand Canyon a few year ago, we were dazzled. It is hard not to be. To our pleasant surprise there was hardly any visitors but us. Surely the kids started school - I thought.
The view was unbelievably beautiful. The red vastness of red rocks coming sharply down with gorges and steep impenetrable mountain walls. And far down away the brownish meanders of Colorado river. We wondered for a couple of minutes, made many: ohhs and aahs, and drove to next point of view ( the Upheaval Dome Overlook ) and end the trip at the Dead Horse View Point ( above ).
We picked a place to sit for a while and just take it all in.