Day 23: Hiking the Leprechaun Slot Canyon

Following the river wash up and entering the Leprechaun Slot Canyon, Utah.
A few miles north of Glen Canyon and Lake Powell we stopped with a suggestion for stretching our legs. We intended to do some desert hiking. Our aim was a Leprechaun Slot Canyon. So we parked the car in a middle of the hot desert, got our gear and moved along. There was no living soul in the area. There was also no trail as such but, as instructed by the lady in the Tourist Office, it was easy to find your way. We simply followed the wash, which extended for about one mile from the main road. The walking was easy ( along the flat sandy winding river wash ) except from the heat: the sun was hitting us hard with its 34ºC. Features of the trail included miraculously curved sand rocks, high walls along the wash and finally the narrowing slot canyon. At the end of the canyon the path was so narrow that it was difficult to turn around. After and hour we got back to our car and hit the road again. We passed a village of Hanksville, turned west on U.S. 24 drove by the grayscape of Factory Butte hills and landed at Torrey, a nice little town, for a good night sleep. It was all an amazing day. Maciek.