Day 25: A thunderstorm at the Bryce Canyon

A lonely pine tree and a field of "hoodoos" red rocks just before the storm at the Bryce Canyon N.P.
We continued US 12 interstate west, passed a tiny town of Cannonville and soon arrived at the entrance of the Bryce Canyon National Park. Our plan was not to enter the Park, since we have visited it in 2005, but the storm was coming and I felt a photographers thrill. So we turned left and soon arrived at the Inspiration Viewpoint. Bryce Canyon is a product of millions of years of erosion that left a forest of "hoodoos" red rocks in a big valley down below. In the evening we checked in at our hotel at the "town" of Mount Carmel Junction. In fact the "town" was made of the hotel, a bunch of stores and two gas-stations. But we liked it. Set in a wonderful scenery of south-west corner of Utah the place gave us a foretaste of another adventure planned for tomorrow: the Zion National Park. The night has fallen quickly. The air was pure. That was a day to remember - I thought. Maciek.