A look back at the last 5 years of my wife´s blogging

It all started in January 2006. A few months earlier a blogging-rush in Poland erupted. Five years is eons in Internet time, and a lot has changed in the blogosphere since 2005. Some sites have been born, some sites have died, some sites have grown up and others have faded away. Today’s blogosphere is much larger and more diverse than it was five years ago but blogosphere has lost some ground to social networks. But I am so happy to announce that we ( my wife Agnieszka and me ) still have a lot of fun doing it ( What I mean by " doing it" are my wife´s experiments with food, photography, and my tasting it ). So Agnieszka: Happy anniversary !

Boston Cream Pie recipe to see at my wife´s blog.

Polish version: http://www.kuchnianadatlantykiem.com/

English version: http://atlantickitchen.blogspot.com/