The light-searching

A wave-like cold rain is about to hit the Northern shore of São Miguel island in Azores Islands. The Pau do Pico volcano with a small lake in the left down corner.

A story behind: The landscape photography is all about light and a light-searching can be a tough job. So many times I wait hours in vain. Well, not completely in vain: I appreciate these precious long periods of being with nature. Even when I wait and it is raining cats and dogs I still have my Kindle with me. But sometimes I get lucky. I try to avoid harsh shadows and blow outs on a sunny day. I make sure light is not peeking through the clouds and hitting the subject in spots with intense reflections. Even the RAW image format I usually shot my pictures with will not help you with super harsh shadows and major blown out areas. Then there is rain and wind that can spoil your long exposures.

The image above was born on the Friday´s morning while light-searching from the Paul viewpoint on the São Miguel Island. Date: Friday, January 28th, 2011. 10.30 h. Maciek.