A big wave

Foz beach. Porto, Portugal.

A story behind: We arrived rather late at the spot and started to shoot pictures. The view from the beach was breathtaking. The stone pier wall was tinted that fabulous orange from the sunset light that is nearly impossible to believe until you see it for yourself. The light was sharp so I added a 2-stop NG grad to control sunlight filtering through sparsely clouds on the horizon, reigning in the dynamic range of the scene rather nicely. The wind was mild and the waves seemed to be moderate. It all went well until we were both surprised by a huge, over 4 meters high wave that came from nowhere. I remember the only thought that came to my mind: run for your life! On the picture above the waves may seem small and friendly, but believe me we ( my friend Mariusz and me ) were hit very hard. The Atlantic ocean can be really unpredictable. Location: Porto, Foz, Portugal.

Gear: Nikon D80, Sigma 10-20 mm

Aperture: f/16 Exposure bias: -0.3 EV
Focal Length: 14 mm
ISO: 100

Date Taken: Friday,February 04th, 2011, 19:01