A Monday wine trip

In the morning we drove to Santo Tirso, a small town just 30 kilometers north of Porto. We were hoping to do some wine tasting at Quinta de Gomariz. Quinta is a well known producer of one of the best Vinho Verde - young and slightly carbonated white wine from the Northern Portugal. In the recent years Quinta de Gomariz has received many international and Portuguese prizes ( Best of Vinho Verde 2009 and 2010 by CVRVV ).
Wine tasting at Quinta de Gomariz. The best Quinta wine made of Avesso grape.
From Santo Tirso we headed North and later in the morning arrived at Quinta de Ameal. Quinta located at the bank of the Lima river makes some of the best Vinho Verde wines in Portugal. We bought a box of Loureiro grapes mono varietal wine and one box of the fantastic Escolha wine.
Marta and Mariusz at the Quinta de Ameal. Exhausted by the wine tasting we drove to Viana de Castelo, visited a Santa Luzia church with the breathtaking view over the river Minho valley and the Atlantic coast ( I personally consider the place one of the best vistas in Portugal ) and then had a nice lunch accompanied by a bottle of Muralhas de Melgaço vinho verde wine.
Maciek. Date: February, 7th, 2011.