A Thursday in Celorico da Beira

Traveling to small Portuguese towns like Celorico da Beira in the middle of the week can be a real pleasure. That day we were probably the only tourists there and the old part of the town was completely "ours". Celorico da Beira is one of these "forgotten" Portuguese towns that does not make the Top 50 Portugal Tourist Attractor List but that is exactly what makes it so attractive and appealing: no tourists!

So have a walk along the walls of the XII century castle with the astonishingly beautiful vistas over the Beira country. The medieval style castle is old but when you look closer you find some old stone inscriptions with a names like Sérvio, Munida and Junio dating back from the Roman period of emperor César Augusto (27 a.C.-14 d.C.). But there is more to Celorico than its medieval castle. Walk a couple of steps down and you find a very well preserved 200 meters long Roman road still in use ! No tourists, friendly people and a piece of big history waits for you in Celorico. Have fun as we did.

Date: March 3rd, 2011.