Small and simple pleasures.

A story behind: Today when the temperature outside hit 20ºC I knew what to do. I opened a bottle of 2009 Moscatel Roxo pink wine. This is a creation of one of the most famous Portuguese wine makers Domingos Soares Franco from the Setubal peninsula which is located just a couple of kilometers south of Lisbon ( and only 9000 bottles were made of this extremely rare type of vines ). The wine is very much salmon colored, and surprises with a complex fruity nose and peachy honeyed goodness. The palate is dense and generous, round fruity with passionfruit and pineapple and does not fall away through the finish. It all ends almost sweet and long. It is pink ( or "rose" in Portuguese ) but so wonderfully different from that famous Mateus Rosé "wine thing". This is a kind of wine Portugal can be really proud of. An excellent accompaniment to lighter meals or just to drink alone during the hot and lazy March afternoons just as I did. Date: Saturday, March 19th, 2011. Maciek.