The Transparent Building

A story behind: "The Transparent building" or Edifício Transparente ( in Portuguese ) is an example of architectural bad taste. It was built in 2001 for the Porto 2001: European Culture Capital festival. The idea was to make a panoramic double window construction: one side wide open for the Atlantic ocean, the other with a view over the biggest green area: the city park.

The idea was captivating but somehow has lost its spark on the way and now appears neither innovative nor groundbreaking
. Today the building stands for many as a monument of the architectural bad taste.

But at night while sitting there ( where many restaurants and coffee-shops are installed ) and watching the spectacular sunset, the Transparent Building can undergo a metamorphosis into something special.

Location: Porto-Matosinhos beach, Portugal.

Gear: Nikon D80, Sigma 10-20 mm

Aperture: f/22

Exposure bias: - 0,3 EV

Focal Length: 12 mm


Date Taken: Wednesday, April 20th, 2011, 20:01