Negative space photography

An Atlantic Ocean view, Portugal.

A story behind: This is my new obsession: negative space photography. I am taking first steps and believe me: it is not so easy. Too often I get caught up trying to put too much inside one frame thinking that everything is interesting to the observer: people, lines, shapes, objects. I tend to over complicate things and giving an observer no space to rest his eyes. 
So I decided to go minimalistic. 
What is "negative space" in photography? It simply means the empty space around one object. First the empty space seems like a waste. In fact it plays a very important role adding importance to the subject.

This is also an example of a successful breaking the golden rule of landscape photography placing the horizon in the center of the frame.

Nikon D700. Nikkor 16-35 mm. Polarizer. 10 ND-Stop.


Shutter speed:
127 sec

Exposure bias:
0 EV

Focal Length: 19 mm

ISO: 50

Place taken: Village of Nodeste, Portugal.