It is getting dark at the Ribeirinha

A story behind:  Sometimes when I shoot seascapes I choose the shutter speed of about half a second or faster to freeze the motion of the waves. Such split-second exposures can give the surf the appearance of a fast moving, powerful force that draws the eye into the image and conveys a sense of explosive tension. 
But that night at the old and abandoned fishing port of Ribeirinha  I preferred to go for the opposite effect by using exposure that went up to 70 seconds. I used my 10-stop filter to produce a very long exposure that dramatically enhance the mood of the image. Long speed shutter times render ocean landscapes with the timeless calm. 

Gear: Nikon D700. 10-stop filter.

Focal Length: 16 mm

ISO: 50

Date: July 19th, 2012. 20:58 p.m.