Sunrise over the Nervion river, Asturias, Spain.

The mirror reflection of the Guggenheim Art Museum in the still waters of the Nervion river, city of Bilbao, Spain.

A story behind:  We love Basque province of Asturias. It is much less crowded in comparison with other Spanish provinces. And above all the region is blessed with much better photographic conditions.

This photo was taken on the 9th of September at 5.51 in the morning. First rays of sun were hitting the roofs of the museum. Some parts of the roof were still in shadow. I used the polarizing filter.
One might not think that filters are important during the "golden time" of the soft light at the early morning, but I have found them sometimes to be essential to record the deep color saturation of the  walls. The polarizer removes bluish reflections off the non-vertical surfaces. Second, it eliminates the stray light scatter off the texture of the angled parts of the roof, thereby allowing the camera to capture much more texture detail. Third it removes some moisture forming over the river.
One must not forget that the moments of "no wind over the river" will last long. In my experience there are up 5 minutes of pause when the night sea breeze transforms naturally into day land breeze. So one must rush things up and take the picture in the right moment. 
Gear: Nikon D700. ND 0,3 soft, Polarizer, ND 0,6 hard. Tripod. .

Aperture: f/18

Shutter speed:
1/200 sec

Exposure bias:
-0,3 EV

Focal Length: 17 mm

ISO: 200

Place taken: Bilbao, Spain.

Date taken: Saturday, September 7th, 2012, 05:51